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History & Background

The White companies were founded in 1946 by the Weiss family.  White Home Products, still owned and run by the Weiss family, was started in 1986, with the express mission of automating residential storage applications.  The other White companies automate offices, factories, warehouses and retailers.

The Closet Carousel is manufactured exclusively in the United States by White Home Products and is designed and made expressly for home usage.  It is made of lightweight aluminum and plastic with an enclosed track and uses a silent drive and RF remote controls unlike it’s beefier and more expensive cousins used in dry cleaners and checkrooms.

White Home Products takes great pride in its products and manufacturing processes, but most of all in its people.  We have a team of dedicated and highly motivated individuals who will do everything to assure that our customers get extraordinary product and support.  Do not hesitate to call upon us to assist in any way.

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