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The Closet Carousel In Action

The Closet Carousel is revolutionizing closet design, saving both time and space as it places the many benefits of moveable storage at the fingertips of homeowners throughout the world:

Space Savings:

  • Optimizes the existing floorspace by eliminating all wasted aisle or walk-in space.
  • Adjustable hanging rods and storage trays make possible the maximum utilization of vertical space by eliminating the wasted space between fixed rods in traditional closets.
  • Converts previously unusable attic and low ceiling areas into usable storage space.


  • Remote wireless push button control moves the carousel in either direction instantly.
  • All garments and accessories are readily accessible within arms reach.  No more walking, reaching, searching or climbing.
  • No maintenance is required with the use of lifetime lubrication and sealed bearings.


  • Total flexibility in easily organizing your garments by size, color, season, outfit or any other way.
  • All hanging rods and trays are easily adjustable by the owner in seconds without special tools.
  • Everything is visible, no more hidden or lost garments.
  • Closet clutter is eliminated.


  • Enclosed track eliminates any possibility of injury from moving parts.
  • Nylon wheels eliminate any possibility of sparks.
  • A thermal overload device cuts current to the motor in the event of any physical interference.  A reset button restores power.
  • Low voltage controller is used for safety.


  • Assembles easily by two people in two hours with prefabricated sections and complete instructions.
  • Installs on top of carpet or other flooring.
  • No special tools or skills are required to install.
  • No electrician is required, operates on standard household voltage.
  • Easy to move and re-install in another home or location.
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