FAQs about our models and pricing

What is the minimum size closet I need to accommodate the Closet Carousel?
The closet carousel requires a minimum width of 4’6’.  That is because garments are approximately two feet wide and in order to have two rows of garments passing each other 4’ of width is required and we need a few inches in the center of the unit as well as on the sides to assure that garments don’t rub or catch.  The minimum length required is 7’ for the smallest size unit the TK6.

What is the maximum size closet that can be outfitted with the Closet Carousel?
There really is no limit on the maximum size of the closet to accommodate the Closet Carousel.  The largest standard unit is 15’6” long and, of course 4’6” wide.  The unit or units can be placed anywhere within a very large closet.

What do I have to do to prepare for the unit?
You will need to provide a finished, painted closet space before the unit is installed.  If you have carpeting in the closet, it must be installed before the unit goes in.  All walls that are adjacent to the unit must be smooth with no abutments or obstacles sticking out that might catch on the garments.  You should have a separate 20 amp, 110 volt electrical line run from your circuit breaker with a three pronged outlet placed in the ceiling of the closet approximately 4’ from one end of the unit.

How long will it take to install?
The unit can be installed by anyone handy with tools.  It should take two people less than two hours to complete the entire installation.  A complete manual is found on this website.  No heavy weights or special tools are required.

Is an electrician needed to install?
No electrician is required.  All that is needed is a three-pronged plug in the vicinity of the motor, preferably in the ceiling.  Remote controllers or wall-mouted controls are both low voltage.

How dependable is the Closet Carousel?
The Closet Carousel should operate trouble free for many years.  It is typically used only a few minutes a day and is built for far more usage than it gets in a residential environment.

What happens if there is a power failure?
Your unit will not operate electrically during a power failure.  You can rotate the unit manually in the event of a power failure, but remember, in the event of a power failure there won’t be any lights for you to see what is in your closet.

What kind of safety features are on the Closet Carousel?
Each unit has a clutch built into the drive which will allow the unit to stall should anything get caught in the track or elsewhere.  Once ___ pounds of pressure is presented, the unit will stop rotating and slip.  Since there is no bottom track, it should not be a safety problem if children or adults step in the way of the moving unit.  The controls are low voltage controls.

Does the unit make noise?
The Closet Carousel is extremely quiet.  The fractional horsepower motor is shielded and nearly all of the components are nylon and aluminum, allowing silent operation.  The braces that attach the unit to the walls and ceiling come with rubber padding for additional sound isolation.

Does the unit require oiling or any regular maintenance?
No, it does not.  You should periodically check that no garments or shelves are binding in any way, which can cause operational problems.

Can the unit be overloaded?
Yes.  Follow the limitations on loading and do not put objects on the unit that will bulge or interfere with the normal rotating of the unit.

Are there any concerns or consideration about floor loading?
No.  The unit is extremely light in weight, being made largely of aluminum and plastic.  It will not cause a floor load problem any more than traditional shelving or hanging arrangements would create.

What kind of flooring is necessary?
Any flat floor is acceptable.  The unit may be installed over carpeting.

Is the Closet Carousel the same as the unit used in dry cleaners?
Not at all.  The units used by dry cleaners are made of steel.  They are far noisier and generate dirt and other particles because they do not use an enclosed track.  They also generate more torque and may create safety concerns and are heavier in weight and more expensive.  Commercial units like those used in dry cleaners are not attractive.  Only White Home Products Closet Carousel is made for residential use.

Can the Closet Carousel bend or go up or down to different levels?
No.  The Closet Carousel for residential use can only be made in a simple oval shape.  Multiple units can be used to obtain more density.  Closet Carousel do not go vertically or between floors.

Is there a choice of colors or other customization available?
The only color the unit comes in is beige.  Each unit can be customized by using double or single hanging or adjustable shelving and can be rearranged easily by the owner at any time.

How do the controls operate?
Each unit comes with a remote control (like a garage door opener) that can run the unit in either direction.  The control can be mounted on the wall and removed to operate from anywhere within range of the sensor.

How is the unit shipped?
The unit is shipped in two separate cardboard boxes.  One box contains the drive and the other the balance of the unit.  The drive box weighs ___ pounds and the other box weighs between __ and ___ pounds depending on the size of the unit.  The units can typically be shipped by UPS, but may also be shipped by air, truck or ship.

How long does it take to get a Closet Carousel made?
Most standard size units are in stock and can be shipped in a matter of days.

When should I order my unit?
You should not order your unit until the walls of your closet area have been sheet rocked and you can get actual dimensions so that we can be sure the unit will fit your space.

How and when do I pay for the Closet Carousel?
When you order the unit we will take your credit card information or await your check.  When the unit is shipped, we will charge your credit card for the full amount.

How long is the warranty?
The Closet Carousel is warranteed for 5 years from shipment for materials only.  If at any time during that year you have defective materials we will ship replacement parts to you.  We do not provide the labor to replace parts once the unit is in the field.  We do not accept returns on Closet Carousel units.

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