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Free Closet Design Service

If one of the existing closet designs found in our Typical Layouts doesn’t fit your particular needs exactly, we will design a closet that is right for you.  Just fax or email us a complete description of your closet showing all finished interior dimensions, doors, etc.  If you happen to have architect’s plans, just forward the closet area to us.  It’s always helpful to give us measurements on how many feet of hanging storage you need for both long and short garments as well as the amount of storage you will need for sweaters, shoes, etc.  The more we have from you, the better the design will be.  If we don’t have sufficient information, we’ll contact you and in just a few days we’ll present you with some alternate closet designs that might work for you.  There’s no charge at all for our closet experts to design a closet for you, why not take advantage of this unique service that we offer.

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